Start of Stonehaven Parkrun

Stonehaven Parkrun – 19th January 2019

After the success of the summer tourist runs, including one to St Andrews Parkrun, the Footers decided to do some Parkrun tourism this year on one Saturday of each month. With it being the start of the year, Ian picked Stonehaven Parkrun partly due to its relatively close proximity. Unfortunately the weather turned wintry a …

David posing for the camera
Special Feature

2018 to 2019: Looking Back and Planning Ahead – by David Wilson

Pauline asked me if I’d mind doing a review of my running year for 2018 and a write up of some hopes and fears for 2019 with a view to boring a’body with my plans for some adventures into untried territory in the form of Ultra Running next year.  I wasn’t too enthusiastic at first …


Double Parkrun Day: Kirkcaldy and Dunfermline Parkruns New Years Day 2019

Happy Double Parkrun Day New Year’s Day is a time for contemplation. For reflecting on the previous year, and deciding what you want to achieve and prioritise in the coming one. For setting goals and making plans for how to achieve them. And maybe for eating a lot and recovering from the excesses of Hogmany. …

Photo shows the start of the marathon

Loch Rannoch Marathon – 14th October 2018 – by Barry McDonald

Although I’ve been playing football for a number of years, I only really starting running properly (rather than for football training) this year. I had done Montrose Parkrun a few times, entered a few 10km races, a few half marathon races (including the Dundee Half DRAM where I was the first BRR member home despite …